Beantown Property Group Is The Proud Recipient of Top Borrower Award

Beantown Property Group would like to share the news that we are the proud recipient of the “Top Borrower of Grand Coast Capital Multi Million Dollar Club” award.

Beantown Property Group graciously accepted the award at the FortuneBuilders Real Estate Ignite – Annual Super Conference in Las Vegas, Friday, October 2nd. With over 1,200 real estate investors from around the country in attendance, it was an event that housed some of the leading experts and speakers in the nation.

Marina Hauser, Co-Founder of Beantown Property Group, was invited as a guest speaker and panelist to share her knowledge of real estate investing. Other notable speakers included Michael E. Gerber, author of the mega bestseller, “The E-myth“, and the founders of CT Homes, LLC and FortuneBuilders, Than Merrill and Paul Esajian; who also had recurring roles on A&E’s hit TV show “Flip This House.”

Beantown Property Group is extremely thankful to have received recognition for our company reputation and track record of trust and leadership in borrowing other people’s money. Thank you Grand Coast Capital and FortuneBuilders! We love working with you and we will always strive towards being the best at what we do.

As “top borrowers,” we at Beantown Property Group ;have the experience, skills, and infra-structure to offer you opportunities with an alternative to investing your money. Private lending for real estate development gives Beantown Property Group the opportunity to provide a consistent, passive return on your money.

Beantown Property Group clients have earned a nice and lucrative return by lending to our company so that we can purchase and renovate the many properties we will acquire this year.

Since 2012, our clients have invested over $15 million to BPG. We are very proud to say that we have paid 100% of our lenders back in full including principal and interest.

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